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Heartbeat Sweater

Heartbeat Sweater   Pattern K-24
Any size, any gauge

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Soft Silk Noil Yarn  

$30.00 ... 900 yds per 8 oz. skein  Shipping: $5.00 for entire order For finished garment bust measurement (at 5.25 sts/inch):
1 skein for 34-40"; 2 skeins for 42-64"
Size is finished garment bust measurement.
Enlarge color squares ...
High Tide
Blues & Violets
Sea Green
Pacific Teal
Beach Glass
Low Tide
Abalone Shell
Surf Grass
Description: Knitted from the center out to any size from infant to plus size adult, using any gauge yarn. Try it on as you go, to check the size. Side panels fine-tune the fit. Sleeves are knitted from the shoulder down to desired length. Neckline depth is adjustable, so you can make the back neckline higher than the front. Suitable for adventurous beginners and intermediate knitters. Suggested Yarns: Shown above in "Parrot" Bamboo. (Note: Parrot is more green than sweater looks – see yarn color squares.) Other suitable yarns include silk, cotton, linen, and blends of these fibers. Use any suitable yarn that knits at 3 to 6 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch on appropriately sized needles. Yardage: Soft Silk Noil or other DK yarn (5.25 sts/1"), for finished garment bust 34"-725 yds; 36"-775 yds; 38"-825 yds; 40"-875 yds; 42"-925 yds; 44"-1025 yds; 46"-1100 yds; 48"-1175 yds; 50"-1225 yds; 52"-1325 yds; 54"-1375 yds; 56"-1425 yds; 58"-1475 yds; 60"-1525 yds; 62"-1575 yds; 64"-1625 ydsThe above yardage is for garment length of 20" from shoulder to hem, with short sleeves 4" from picked-up edge to cuff. More yardage will be needed for additional length or longer sleeves.